Historic Powell River

Follow us on Facebook! A couple of weeks ago Janis and I visited our friends Paul and Cheryl for the weekend. They recently retired to Powell River, though Cheryl still telecommutes. A lot of people think the Sunshine Coast is just the Sechelt Peninsula, but that’s only about half of it. It actually extends all the way to […]

Photo Gallery: Additional Photos of Powell River and the Northern Sunshine Coast

Follow us on Facebook! Here are some additional pictures in and around Powell River and the northern Sunshine Coast. This sign shows the hulks currently forming the breakwater. Nice closeup of one of the hulks. Photo courtesy Kathy Lowther. Inland Lake Boardwalk along Inland Lake Inland Lake is a western toad habitat. Some of the frogs […]

Photo Gallery: Willingdon Beach Trail in Powell River

Follow us on Facebook! Here are some additional photos of the Willingdon Beach Trail in Powell River. Willingdon Beach Park. The trail starts off to the right at the end of the park. The Willingdon Beach Trail features many interesting arboreal features such as this fallen tree that found new life. An old boomboat that served at […]

Photo Gallery: Powell River Historic Townsite

Follow us on Facebook! Here are some additional photos of Powell River’s historic townsite. The first home built in the townsite, Dr. Henderson’s house was built to entice the doctor to come to the city. At the time all the workers lived in tents and shacks. St. Luke’s Hospital, built by Dr. Henderson in 1913. Arbutus […]

Photo Gallery: The Writers Walk, Sydney

Follow us on Facebook! Here are some of the plaques marking the Writers Walk along Sydney, Australia’s Circular Quay. The last three were taken at night with a flash and appear to be a little different in colour. Those colours are actually more accurate. These are just sixteen of the two dozen or so writers with […]

Photo Gallery: Sydney, Australia

Follow us on Facebook! Here are some additional photos of our all too short visit to Sydney. The Sydney Harbour Bridge seen from the steps to the Sydney Opera House Fairground on the opposite shore under the bridge The Sydney Opera House at night seen from the other side of the bay. The front of the Sydney Opera […]

Stopover in Sydney

Follow us on Facebook! We flew home from Perth on Friday with a stopover in Sydney. The layover was 23 hours so we booked a hotel for the night and spent a good half day checking out the sights. Wanting to see the landmark Sydney Opera House, we booked a hotel within a kilometer of the […]