We are blessed to live in a time when travel to exotic locations is available to the average person. My wife and I have traveled widely, but not nearly as much as we would have liked to. Now that I am retired we hope to travel more often and see parts of the world we have never experienced before.

My name is Marco and my wife is Janis. We live in the quiet Vancouver suburb of Abbotsford, British Columbia. I worked for forty years for Vancouver’s largest television station, most of that time spent behind the scenes in the news room. Fifteen of those years were as an ENG news editor. Besides writing on travel, I have also written on investing, politics and music. I am the published author of two books on investing – The 50 Best Science and Technology Stocks for Canadians (2002 and 2003 editions) – still available on Amazon.com as well as a sci-fi novella called Jokk Vete’s Diary (available in a Kindle edition at Amazon).

I also blog regularly on travel, politics and music.