Here are some additional photos and videos of our cruise. The photo above is of the ship in port at Huatulco, Mexico. I’ll be adding separate posts for the canal transit and the ports-of-call later.

The pool deck


The Celebration Band playing on the pool deck


Our state room. We went for an inside cabin to save money. Balconies are nice, but we were out and about much more than we were in our room.


One of several large ship models aboard the Vision of the Seas. Art work abounds on cruise ships. A nautical theme is popular.


Another model ship


Public art on one of the stairwells. Each landing on each staircase had some sort of art, ranging from modern to items like these which had a classical Greek air to them.
Janis and I at dinner on one of the formal nights.


The theater was called the Masquerade Theater and had a medieval theme on its drop curtain.


The brass section of the Vision of the Seas Orchestra. Most of the nine piece band were Ukrainian, including leader Sascha on the trombone, but there was also an Israeli, a Pole and, as I recall, a Bulgarian. They were amazing. A very tight band and very versatile.


There were a couple of shows featuring the Vision of the Seas Singers and Dancers


The four singers – the one second from left is Sarah from Vancouver, Canada. The dancers and the orchestra are seen in the background.


One of the last shows had all the executive members of the crew join in as well as some of the kitchen crew.


The kitchen staff also did a couple of parades around the dining room. The head chef gave an inspiring speech.

The wait staff also had a couple of parades around the dining room and danced for us.


The Centrum was always a hive of activity. Here are Mr. and Mrs. Smith – Hayden and Alexa Jane, putting on a great show.

If you’ve ever played Where’s Waldo, here’s a variation – find my wife Janis!


Early in the voyage, Cruise Director Steve Davis conducted lessons for anyone who wanted to participate in learning the Thriller dance moves. Near the end of the trip, the forty of them, made up like zombies, performed for the crowd.

And we close off this overview of the Panama Canal cruise with this photo of the International Parade of nations celebration. 812 crew members from 67 countries worked o n the Vision of the Seas.