Adjacent to the cruise ship port in Cartagena is a small zoo called the Port Oasis EcoPark. It features a lot of birds and a few animals as well, notably two giant anteaters.  Admission is free. Here are some photos.

Both Scarlet and Blue-and-Yellow Macaws abounded at the Port Oasis. Both are indigenous to Colombia.
Here a Scarlet Macaw is grooming a Blue and Yellow Macaw, while their friend raises his wing as if to say “Nothing to see here folks!”
A quizzical looking Blue and Yellow Macaw. Macaws are part of the parrot family. They are among the most intelligent of birds.
The South American Red Squirrel is a very bright red, more so than his North American cousin.
Not sure what this critter is. It was in the same pen as the giant anteaters.
Yes, the giant anteater is native to Colombia. They really are quite large with very narrow pointed head.

This pair of giant anteaters seemed to like hanging out together.

The EcoPark is owned and operated by the Port of Cartagena. It has lush jungle vegetation and really is an oasis in the middle of an industrial area.
We had seen this beautiful tropical plant before, at the Cloud Forest conservatory at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay.
There were also flamingos and black swans. While flamingos are native to Colombia, I do not believe black swans are.They are an Australian bird, though black swans are known to be nomadic.

A pair of flamingos.

The Port Oasis EcoPark is a delightful mini-zoo and well worth a visit. It also has an extensive gift shop.