Here are some additional photographs of the Panama Canal.

In the first of the Gatun Locks looking back.
A freighter starts to enter the lock ahead of us. Note that the mules that tow the ships go up and down fairly steep inclines as they go from lock to lock.
Here you can see the two forward mules on the freighter’s starboard side.
The command center.
Entering the last lock.
The gates open to let us on to Gatun Lake.
Cruise Director Steve Davis after getting his “punishment” for disrespecting the Chief.
The Chagres River forms a part of the Panama Canal. It forks to the right here under a bridge. This is where we caught a motor launch to watch monkeys the next day.
Passing through the Culebra Cut, a nine mile long canal from the Chagres River to the Pedro Miguel Locks.
And as a teaser for my next post, here is one of the monkeys we saw on our excursion.

That completes our Panama Canal transit. A truly amazing experience.