Here are some additional pictures from our visit to Costa Rica.

One of the plants in the entrance garden.
Some more plants in the garden at the Crocodile Safari place.
The Snowy Egret – # 15 in our bird guide
Can you spot the croc?
There he is!
Another Bare Throated Heron
This is either a Willet – #24 in the bird guide – or it is a bird not shown in the guide. It has the right shape for a Willet but the wrong coloration.
A pair of Snowy Egrets
This is a Plumed Basilisk, also known as the Jesus Christ Lizard because of its ability to run over water.
The common iguana
The mouth of the Tarcoles River on the Gulf of Nicoya.
Jungle near the mouth of the river
A tree with a number of Anhingas and Cormorants
A pair of squawking Anhingas – #5 in the bird guide. The other bird is possibly a Neotropic Cormorant – #6 in the bird guide.
Some interesting gnarled trees at the edge of the jungle.
And we end out photo tour with this croc casting his beady eyes in your direction.