Photo Gallery: Sea Caves at Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

Follow us on Facebook! Here are some more pictures from our sea cave adventure. As we left the dock, we passed this vintage ship which looked a lot like the one Scaramanga used to escape in The Man With the Golden Gun. Most of the islands featured steep tree covered cliffs with eroded limestone near the […]

Phuket, Thailand – Sunshine, Shopping and Sleaze

Follow us on Facebook! Note: some of this travelogue includes discussion of the sex trade in Thailand. If that may offend you, after the picture of the masseuses, skip to three paragraphs past the picture of Patong at night.  Our fourth port of call on our Southeast Asia cruise was Phuket, Thailand. Our ship anchored out in Patong […]

Photo Gallery: Patong, Thailand

Here are some additional photos taken in Patong, Phuket, Thailand. Along the Patong Beach. Longboats waiting for customers. Lots of nice villas abound in the hillsides surrounding the town of Patong. A Thai long-tailed boat. Tangles of wire along the busy street. Many western restaurants like MacDonald’s are here and many of the signs are […]