Photo Gallery: The Port Oasis EcoPark

Adjacent to the cruise ship port in Cartagena is a small zoo called the Port Oasis EcoPark. It features a lot of birds and a few animals as well, notably two giant anteaters.  Admission is free. Here are some photos. This pair of giant anteaters seemed to like hanging out together.

Photo Gallery: Caversham Wildlife Park

Here are some more pictures from our visit to the Caversham Wildlife Park. Map of the Caversham Wildlife Park. A joey nursing. Janis and Sarah petting a kangaroo. A barking owl at the Caversham Wildlife Park. The sound it makes sounds like a barking dog. A kookaburra A bettong, an Australian marsupial the size of […]

Caversham Wildlife Park

When you visit Australia, you want to see kangaroos. Don’t ask me why, but you do. It is the iconic animal of that country and they are very common and you see signs everywhere warning of the possibility of kangaroos crossing, just as in Canada we have signs warning of deer crossing. But actually spotting […]