Here are some additional photos of our visit to Cartagena. The picture above shows a panoramic scene of the city through a gun turret at the top of the fortress San Felipe.

The highest point of the fortress of San Felipe can be reached by these stairs or by a narrow, sloping tunnel.
Janis with a cannon overlooking the city.
Yours truly with a captured cannon. Cannons that were captured were cemented upright into the sloped road leading to the top of the fortress. They were then used to help haul goods up the slope by throwing a rope around the cannon and pulling.
The Colombian flag flying above the castle.
On the roadway below, vendors have set up their wares.
Part of the castillo was undergoing restoration while we were there.
At the castle summit.
The statue of Simon Bolivar in the park named after him.
The old city is surrounded by this wall. Cannons are still in place in some spots.
The owner of the second shop in this mall was the smart one. He made his washrooms free to the public, which resulted in a lot more traffic for his store. We bought a dress for our granddaughter there.
One of the shops at this mall. They were all very similar though they differed in some of the products they were selling.
A guard tower and some public art on the boardwalk atop the city wall.
The church of St. Peter Claver.
This lovely colonial style building is across the street from the church.
There was a collection of metal sculptures in the plaza.
In the distance you can see the St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral.
Our ship, the Vision of the Seas, awaits our return.