Some additional photos of Guatemala.

From Puerto Quetzal you get a clear view (if you discount the haze) of the twin Volcanoes, the Volcan de Fuego and the Volcan de Agua, Fire and Water! There are 33 volcanoes in Guatemala.
Volcanic ash from the eruption of Volcan de Fuego in November 2018 fills a creek bed along our route.
Abandoned building in a village wiped out by the volcanic eruptions of 2018.
Riding through the cobbled streets of Antigua.
Mary Lou Ridinger tells us about jade Mayan artifacts found in the region.
One of many news clippings framed and hanging at Jade Maya tell of Mary Lou and her husband’s exploits.
A jade artisan at work.
A lovely pool in the courtyard at Jade Maya.
Some Mayan artifacts at the Jade Maya museum.
Some of the custom jade jewelry manufactured at Jade Maya.
Ruins of the Iglesia de la Concepcion, currently undergoing restoration. This is just down the street a bit from Jade Maya.
On our way out of town we passed this odd family sculpture.
And we end with a final look at the cobbled streets of Antigua.