August 16, 2018

Perth’s Playground

Back in 1984, Perth businessman Dallas Dempster had a smart idea. Let’s get rid of this dump! Burswood Island, an island in the Swan River just a couple of kilometres from Perth’s city center, was the site of a large landfill. Dempster suggested to the Western Australian government that the site could be better used for a resort casino. The government agreed and Dempster and a Malaysian business partner were granted a casino license in 1985. The plans called for a casino, a 400 room hotel, a golf course, a convention and exhibition centre, an amphitheatre and more. The casino, of course, was finished first and opened in December 1985….

January 28, 2017

Great Scot! It’s the Great Gatsby!

Follow us on Facebook! Rowena’s Inn on the River is a delightful trip back in time. It’s an old homestead built by a pioneer logger in the area for his family. Charles Nelson Pretty was a businessman and entrepreneur. In the 1920s he had an opportunity to buy a 160 acre parcel of land in Harrison Mills. That land became, among other things, a dairy farm, a silvertip fox farm and a logging operation. At one time, Pretty’s operation was the largest privately owned logging company in all of British Columbia. When the home was built, there was no road. The Pretty family took the train to Harrison Mills and…

January 28, 2017

Photo Gallery: Great Gatsby Party

Follow us on Facebook! Here are some more photos from the Great Gatsby Party at Rowena’s Inn on the River in 2014. The party is being held again on June 11, 2017. Photo Gallery: Rowena’s Inn on the River Great Scot! It’s the Great Gatsby! (main article) Follow us on Facebook!

January 28, 2017

Photo Gallery: Rowena’s Inn on the River

Follow us on Facebook! Here are some additional photos of the inn and surrounding area. I will be adding some more after Valentine’s Day when I will be taking some interior shots. The view at the top of the page is of the Harrison River as seen from beside the swimming pool. More photos to follow after Feb. 14th. Photo Gallery: Great Gatsby Party Great Scot! It’s the Great Gatsby! (main article)   Follow us on Facebook!

August 4, 2016

Paris: The City of Light

Follow us on Facebook! Paris does not have a wild plethora of neon like Times Square in New York or the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. It’s called the City of Light because of its importance during the Age of Enlightenment and because it was one of the first European cities to get street lighting. My wife and I spent a week in Paris to celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary in 2011. We had never been there before and we were in for a treat. Paris is fabulous. Today’s post will give you an overview. In future posts I’ll look at the Palais de Versailles, the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, the…

July 17, 2016

The Aquarium at Atlantis

Follow us on Facebook! In 2002 Forbes Magazine had an article on the most expensive hotel suites in the world. Top of the list at $25,000 a night was the Bridge Suite at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Ever since, I’ve always wanted to see the Atlantis Resort. In January 2015, my wife and I, her sister and her brother and his wife took a Caribbean cruise that stopped at Nassau in the Bahamas. One of the excursions available was to the Atlantis Resort. Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity. The  Bridge Suite is in the bridge between the two Royal Towers. But the hotel complex shown above is just one…