Photo Gallery: La Rambla and More

Follow us on Facebook! Here are some more pictures from our last day in Barcelona. Riding the Hop On Hop Off bus A neat old building we passed on the tour. But I don’t know what the building is. If you know, please let me know. Another close-up view of Casa Mila – La Pedrera Cable […]

Barcelona: La Rambla and More

Follow us on Facebook! After visiting the Parc Güell, the four of us split paths with the wives opting for shopping and Chris and I deciding to take the Hop On Hop Off and get an overview of the city before meeting the girls later to wander up La Rambla. The Barcelona Bus Turistic has three different routes […]

Photo Gallery: Parc Güell

Follow us on Facebook! Here are some additional photos of our visit to Parc Güell. From the metro station we took some narrow side streets to the park, including this very steep one. There is a large natural park behind the terrace. Gaudi wanted to preserve a lot of wilderness in the original plans for Güell’s ambitious […]

Barcelona: Parc Güell

Follow us on Facebook! On our last full day in Barcelona we wanted to see everything we had missed so far. A tall order. On our first day we had explored the fabulous Sagrada Familia. On our second day we took a side trip to Figueres to check out the Dali Museum. So we started our third day […]

Photo Gallery: The Dali Museum

Follow us on Facebook! Here are some additional photos from our visit to the Dali Museum in 2009. The town square at Figueres, across the street from the railroad station. Yes, that’s a Spanish-English Dictionary Janis is holding. Many tents were set up as artisans and merchants displayed their wares for the May Day celebrations. The […]

Hello Dali!

Follow us on Facebook! “I want my museum to be like a single block, a labyrinth, a great surrealist object. It will be a totally theatrical museum. The people who come to see it will leave with the sensation of having had a theatrical dream.”  – Salvador Dali Figueres is the birthplace of noted surrealist painter […]

Gaudi’s Masterpiece: The Church of the Sagrada Familia

Follow us on Facebook! Our 2009 trans-Atlantic cruise ended in Barcelona. We stayed three extra days there before flying back to Canada and covered a lot of ground in those three days. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia. Its history goes back to Roman times. Situated on the Mediterranean […]

Photo Gallery: Malaga

Follow us on Facebook! Here are a few additional photos of our visit to Malaga, Spain. Alongside the Alcazaba. The Castillo de Gibralfaro is at the top of the hill ahead. Looking up at part of the Alcazaba Janis by a gate in the Alcazaba Along the ramparts of the Alcazaba, the city of Malaga in […]

Malaga: A Tale of Two Castles

Follow us on Facebook! The fourth stop on our 2009 cruise was Malaga, a small Spanish city on the Mediterranean 134 kilometres from Gibraltar. As we did in Cadiz, we decided to explore Malaga on our own rather than take an organized excursion. The city is a short hop by bus from the port. Malaga is an ancient city with […]

Photo Gallery: Cadiz

Follow us on Facebook! Here are some additional pictures of our visit to Cadiz in 2009. Hungry cats find a friend. Cats feasting atop the sea wall. That’s the Atlantic Ocean in the background. Excavation continues at the Roman theatre. The Cathedral of Cadiz The pulpit inside the cathedral. Inside the Cathedral of Cadiz. It is […]